Email Newsletters
Competitive monthly rates available
Your customers chose you out of a sea of other options, so you should remind them (without spamming them) every now and then that you exist, that you're available to buy from and, it never hurts to add a little insight into what you've been doing or have coming up.
Whether you want ongoing monthly newsletters, or just one here and there to make sure your customers remember you, we package up the whole lot - graphic design to match your newsletter to your branding, and professionally designed graphics to suit the content in each newsletter - as well as the bit that takes the time: the copy/content creation.
We draft the newsletter according to what you want discussed, or what we know you have going on or coming up, then you proof the draft and we publish.
We can also integrate our newsletters to Facebook Ads and make sure it's published to your social channels, giving you better insight over your digital audiences.
If you have never done email newsletters, we can set you up for a one-off fee of $150 ex GST. That includes importing your client list and designing and creating your first template according to your brand. You own all of the accounts and all of the client lists, and you always have control over your data.
Get in touch with us if you'd like to chat about your email newsletter options.