Laura Hogg
Owner & Graphic Designer
fwcreative, formerly known as frankworks, emerged in early 2016 in response to a friend’s call for marketing, sales and general business support in their small plumbing business.
Since then, we’ve added our digital superstar, Joe, our executive consultant/partner, Nigel, and a few on-call designers. We're proud of our client base (including two national companies) and we’re still growing.
With 15 years experience in a number of industries - investment banking, commercial real estate, consumer retail, telecommunications, and technology & IT – I grew tired of pointless meetings and bloated invoices and decided I would deliver a service that cut all the extra crap out of the “consultant” experience.
I make sure fwcreative stays true to that – we deliver honest, no-BS, straight-up services. We’re building a team of smart, polished professionals who are keen to get back to basics and focus on building real relationships that deliver real results.